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There were no negative interactions reported between Homcocid and other medications.

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The recommended dosage for children is between half a teaspoon and one teaspoon of Himcocid.twice a day. The dose should be taken after a meal.

In rare cases.individuals may experience an allergic reaction due to one of the ingredients in the medication. Call your physician immediately if cheap himcocid syrup experience any unpleasant side effects after taking Himcocid.

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Although the effect of Himcocid was provided significant symptomatic relief in a variety of dyspeptic symptoms cheap himcocid syrup . Pre-clinical assessment of its anti-ulcer potential will provide a strong scientific evidence to place this preparation into therapeutic arena. The comparison with second generation proton pump inhibitor will also provide the scientific information regarding the efficacy of it. In addition there is no scientific data available regarding the anti-ulcer potential of Himcocid and its comparative study with proton pump inhibitors. hence it is planned to compare Himcocid with proton pump inhibitors using pylorus ligation.ethanol induced ulcer model and indomethacin induced ulcer models in rats. Since this study helps in finding out an alternative treatment for peptic ulcer.the study is justifiable.

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