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How to Write a Dissertation Methodology

How to Write a Dissertation Methodology

Some people see the methodology of their dissertation as less important than the rest, but writers at don’t think so. After all, this is just the part where you detail what you did. You know what you did so why not skip write down do the results. However, that’s not how you do this right. You may know what steps and procedures you used, but your readers don’t. The methodology part is the only portion that will help your reader understand the steps you took to end up with the results that you have. It is for this very reason that you should write your dissertation methodology properly. Here are some helpful tips for you.

Reconnect with Your Literature

Your methodology comes after your literature review so to make sure that you maintain the connection, you can briefly recap your main thesis and the questions you want to answer. Recapitulating the foci of the dissertation will help guide you readers in understanding why you used those approaches and the procedures.

Take Precedence with Related Literature

Before you decide on writing your methodology, it is important that you do thorough research first. Look for studies that are the same as yours and try to compare the approaches, methods, and procedures that they used. Choose the approaches and procedures that best suits your dissertation. Using these existing approaches and procedures from other successful studies will help more credibility and lend authority to your own study.

Explain Your Research Approach

In your methodology, you need to make sure that your readers understand the approaches that you used. Make sure that you explain why you used those approaches and how they can help improve the outcome of the research. Explaining the approaches that you used will help the readers contextualize your study and a present a thorough image of you knowing the implications of your research.

Describe the Procedures in Detail

One of the main mistakes that those who write dissertations make is to just shallowly list down the procedure without the details. Remember, that one characteristic of a good research is that the results can be reproduced. If you are not descriptive and thorough with your procedures, how will others reproduce your results to test further validity and reliability? The reproducibility of any research further enhances its credibility. So, make sure to detail how you collected your samples, where you collected the samples, how you analyzed the results and other significant aspects of your research.

Support for Justification

In your methodology, make sure to provide sound justification for your procedures and approaches that you used. This is especially recommended if you are using a novel methodology in a different manner compared to preceding studies. Since you are diverging from their usual application, you need to thoroughly justify why you are diverging especially when the usual application has yielded superior results. Justifying your decisions and the steps you took will help provide your readers the idea that you did not just go a different route to be different but because it is a decision that you made based on thorough analysis.

Final Remarks

Although the methodology part of any dissertation paper is not as exciting to present as the results and discussion, even the conclusion, parts, it doesn’t mean that you don’t exert extra effort to write it properly. Remember that the key to writing a great methodology is to provide thorough detail and sound justification of your choices and decisions. Don’t hold back on the details and you will see a better feedback from your readers.