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Frazer's Finer Foods


Fruit-based mixers for craft cocktails & sodas

What is a Shrub…

No, we aren’t talking about plants!


A shrub is a refreshing fruit based mixer for craft cocktails or sodas. A shrub utilizes natural preservation methods allowing you to enjoy fresh fruit flavors throughout the year. Shrubs were popularized in the colonial era out of necessity, forgotten about in the industrial age, and reemerged as aversatile mixer for sodas and cocktails for today’s modern taste.


  • What we do

    Queen City Shrub works to restore the colonial method of fruit preservation. We want to bring fruit-based cocktail mixers and sodas to the Queen City. We craft our shrubs from simple, fresh ingredients and preserve by only natural methods.

  • Cold Processed

    We cold process all of our shrubs which allows us to retain the subtle nuances and the pure essence of the fruit. By making our products refrigerated, it makes it possible to bring new flavors faster for you to explore.

  • Seasonally Driven

    We work to put the best fruit of each season into a glass so that you may explore the flavors of shrubs. We only use the freshest ingredients in our production of our shrubs, with no artificial ingredients or concentrates used.

Our Favorite Recipes

From soda water to bourbon, our flavors are
well-balanced to compliment any drink

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Seasonal Flavors

Our flavors vary by the season so be sure to check back often!

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